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About ISMAN & Partner

Before we come to business

My name is Calin-Mihai Isman and I am an expert

conflict resolution and negotiation
– two very tricky fields

which require a high level of trust in the case of collaboration. I would be proud to work together with you, to have you place your trust in me and my expertise.

My theoretical expertise has come from my master’s programme of Mediation at the FernUniversität Hagen, my education as a trainer for management competency and project management as well as business administration programmes in Mannheim, Saarbrücken and London.

I have gained practical expertise in the handling of conflicts and competing groups of interests during my long term employment as a manager at the Deutsche Bahn AG, as anexecutive at the subsidiary company of Deutsch Bahn AG, Railteam Alliance in Amsterdam and from many different mediations, which I conducted successfully during the last years.

I feel at home in the commercial sector and am very familiar with the challenges of large and medium sized companies due to own experience in the field, which is why I can navigate within most company structures fairly easily – even as an external consultant.

Member of Harvard Negotiation Masterclass


If you decide to work with me, the process will usually happen as follows:

1st Appointment
We meet up and talk. What is the matter? Where do you need my support? Who is affected by the problem, and to whom should I talk, especially when it is about conflicts?
2nd Appointment
In person, via telephone or e-mail, I will explain my suggestions like how conflict resolution, the moderation, seminar or workshop could be structured and how we will determine success. Then you tell me your opinion.
3rd Appointment
The conflict / negotiation -moderation, -seminar or -workshop takes place.
4th Appointment
In person, via telephone or email we can evaluate. What is the opinion of the participants? What did they notice? What did I notice?


In my book, I examine the concept of "interest" from the point of view of various disciplines (i.e. philosophy, psychology, law),

with the aim of closing a gap in the conflict management theory . 

The current theoretical discourse often speaks of leading the parties from their positions to their interests, without sufficiently explaining the concept of interest. I summarize my findings in an "Integral Interest Model". The book is available until now only in German.

Our Fields

Industries & Countries where we operate successfully

Client Industries:
Real Estate
Clients from the following departments:
M&A, Sales, Purchasing, Procurement, Contracting, Human Ressources, IT, Change, Strategy Development
Clients in countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France,  U.S. & South Africa


A strong network of experts.

In case during our first meeting, it becomes clear that I am not the ideal partner for you or further expertise is needed, I will refer you to the suited contact. For free.

Because your personal success, the success of your employees as well as your company’s success is important to me. I would be glad if I could contribute to that.

Conflict Resolution Partners



German Mediation Foundation
Representative of  Rhineland-Palatinate

Beatriz Rodrigues de la Flor de Marcos


BDR Business Dispute
Resolutions & Mediation

Cornelia-Sabine Thomsen

MEDIATOR, Instructor,
Suppervisor, Attorney-at-law in family law


Natalia Schwarz


New Fire Coaching & Consulting

Project & Leadership Partners

Oliver Bressard



Dr. Heinz Peter Wallner



Prof. Dr. Ralf Kutsche


bkm consultants

Christoph Jahnke


Consulting and interim management



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