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International Negotiation Bootcamp (Expert Level)

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Who should attend?

This workshop is addressed to anyone who wants to bring their negotiation skills to the maximum level. To all those who need to find a sovereign solution, even in the most complex situations. And to all those who want to call negotiating their personal expertise in the future. We provide sound knowledge of negotiation techniques and train you on your professional conduct at the negotiation table. Because, as you probably know from your own personal experiences, negotiations are not easy to approach, but they should always be professionally prepared. This workshop is an important part of this preparation.

What Will I learn?

  • to assess the potential room to negotiate to use the time factor in your favor
  • to convince with rhetoric and persuasive argumentation
  • to negotiate with corporate peers and colleagues
  • to use strategies from the world of diplomacy in your negotiations
  • to apply interesting facts about negotiations from the context of large projects with high media/public attention
  • to end a negotiation properly
  • to use every relevant strategy with confidence
  • to implement the results of a negotiation hassle-free
  • to close good deals in difficult and conflicting circumstances
  • to understand the role of power and to handle it sovereignly
  • to deal with and know how to use gender-specific differences in negotiations


In this workshop, you will gain important knowledge about leading the negotiation process and you will get the chance to apply it in the context of simulations (with a high degree of difficulty). The simulations are set in both national and international contexts. They emphasize psychological and procedural aspects of negotiating and they highlight the creation and distribution of value added and the role of trust.

We will identify your bargaining strengths and weaknesses together and practice their conscious handling even more intensively. Each of us has our own way of negotiating. Instead of providing a generic approach that would probably not seem authentic to any participant, we'll work on your individual negotiation style. Learn from the experiences of others and experiment with new ideas in a safe environment. Recognize your strong sides in order to develop new skills. The aim of our Advanced Workshop is to equip you with even more know-how and to send you well-equipped into your next negotiation.

After this workshop, you will have dealt in depth with all aspects of a negotiation and you will have practiced them through intensive simulations. You will know how to pull the strings. You will have learned to prepare a negotiation in depth and how to handle the most complex negotiations in a professional manner. You will be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you will be able to use them strategically.

And if you need to get a second opinion on a difficult negotiation situation, or if you need a sparring partner in order to prepare, we are also available with 1.5 hours of web coaching per participant.


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